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It's here!

The release of my first novel


                                 an unlikely love story

Davis and Becca first meet in the latrine lines at Woodstock, initiating a blissful, music-fueled infatuation until they get separated. Their paths cross again on that tragic day in Ohio on the Kent State campus, him with an M-1, her with a bullhorn. Follow their practical, existential and metaphysical growth as they face challenges along the way. 

This is a coming of age saga not just of individuals, but a culture: historical--not boringly--but fun, like Woodstock, and tragic, like Kent State--and then beyond.

It explores love and sex. It’s passionate, even prurient.

It’s real, but unreal, dancing on the “edges” of perception and altered states, blurring the languages of music and art in all of their frustrations and glories.

It’s about a quest for understanding our existence and how often we fall short of that.

Except in those divine moments we don’t.

​You’ll see yourself in the characters, not wanting the story to end and when it does, you’ll want more…






© 2014 by Roman Ramsey.