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Book 1 of the "KNOWING" trilogy


“Kudos to Mr. Ramsey for the hours of entertainment he brought me, meaningful entertainment.”

“…strange, terrifically original.”

“A fun and twisty-turny, worthwhile story.”

“Expect to be surprised by something new.”


Davis and Becca first meet in the latrine lines at Woodstock, initiating a blissful, music-fueled infatuation. Until they get separated, that is.

Their paths cross again on that tragic day in Ohio on the Kent State campus, him with an M-1, her with a bullhorn.​

Woven through this backdrop is an ancient ritual of “grafting:” a mutual sharing of flesh—like bloodbrothers on steroids. The characters’ ardent desire to access the inside world of the other—to “KNOW” them—sometimes leads to “be careful what you ask for” moments as they struggle with trust and truth in one of the most turbulent eras of our history.

Not just a hippie story, it explores love and sex—passionate, even prurient, through the glorious highs and inevitable lows that make up the whole of human experience.

It’s about a quest for understanding our existence and how often we fall short of that.

Except in those divine moments we don’t.

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