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This Glorious Mess: Creating a New Paradigm for Relationships


"Anyone looking to gain insight and REAL truth in a straight forward way should read this book." 

"Well written, sometimes hilarious, and full of great ideas to improve, or begin, every relationship. I've never read an author that was so open and forthright in exposing their personal experiences."



This is a book about the evolution of modern love told through the (at times very) personal experiences of a regular guy struggling to rise above fairytales, love songs and Hollywood myths.

It is written as a how to/how not to/confessional in an attempt to move us collectively in our culture towards a more conscious, intimate, understanding coupling of men and women that is not only more in line with our nature but the challenges of coping in our ever changing world.


The stories read like they are straight out of a journal. While often irreverent, blunt and brutally honest, they are also alternately sad but celebratory, profane (and a little randy) yet respectful, at times laugh-out-loud funny but earnest and dead serious about shedding centuries-old belief systems and creating an optimistic new paradigm for how we relate as men and women.

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