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My Approach

Roman Ramsey

Life Coach, Hypnotherapist

Roman Ramsey, life coach in Santa Fe, NM, counseling

Boulder, CO


Combining my backgrounds of Psychology and Hypnotherapy, I use a common-sense, results-oriented, action-based approach that we design together to get you moving towards a more satisfying, fulfilling life. My coaching philosophy is based on Tony Robbins' Psychology of Six Human Needs.

I'm no drill sergeant, but I will be there to check on you, to encourage and support you, and see that your goals are attainable, in a way that is compassionate but helping you to maintain your focus.

This is not based on pie-in-the-sky "wishes" where you want something, focus on it and it magically appears. That being said, I allow for ALL belief systems because at the very core of it all, I don't know how this all works. To me, life is a mystery; and I am OK with that.

During our first session, we will look briefly at your background, where you are now, and where you want to go. We will determine if you and I are a good "fit": that is, once we spend that time together, do we BOTH feel like our work together can achieve the desired result.

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