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Book 2 of the "KNOWING" trilogy


“…will bring you back in time to a more simple period.”

“Think Murakami meets John Irving.”


Davis and Becca have a profound connection. The problem is, they can’t STAY connected.

Time and again, internal or external forces conspire to drive a wedge between them, creating situations where one, the other or both find the need to head off in divergent directions. They face their demons (some actual), find fame, fall in love and have children—though not always with each other.

Davis, having fired is M-1 from the hill at the Kent State shooting decides to give up his life on the lam and own up to his fate at the hands of a jury, even though he KNOWS (as only he and Becca could) his round had not struck anyone.

When Becca, as a result of an ancient skin-grafting ritual with Davis, takes on a gene passed down from his lineage, her new-found musicality fills every waking moment but costs more than she could have imagined. What kind of deal will Becca negotiate at her Robert Johnson-like musical crossroad with the Dark Entity?

Their paths are destined to cross again, but what new inevitable challenges would that bring? Who is Mary? Who took baby Mayah? And what is up with the guns?!

Follow these baby-boomers on their journey through metaphysical awakenings, an assassination attempt, mid-life crises, an abduction and some other rather bloody business. They’re not looking for trouble, but it seems to find them anyway.

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