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Book 3 of the "KNOWING" trilogy


“…starts with high-stakes action and leaves with a quiet punch to the gut; an ending that's also a beginning…”

“Moving, quite literally, to tears, and other times laugh-out-loud funny.”


Follow Baby Boomers Davis and Becca through the hardly imaginable latter stages of their lives as they deal with the disappearance of the American Dream.

Now that they have not only found each other (again) and have come to appreciate how profound their connection is, Davis and Becca “settle in” to living stable, adult lives.


Parenting, career changes and an upended economy present new challenges and it seems as if the only predictable aspect of their existence is within each other. American culture enters the new millennium with the specter of terrorism looming large and the political pendulum swinging wildly in places it never has before, dividing the nation and setting a daily tone of discord.

Their metaphysical journeys evolve, as Davis sheds some of his demons, while Becca’s shape-shifting nemesis takes one more stab at trying to recruit her.

Dylan, after a rough start, finds his way, while Mayah takes a totally unforeseeable course that could have historical repercussions.

Throw in the “usual” otherworldly characters: a one-eyed marmot, a philosophical Mezcalian worm, a Chickadeean voice coach and a cult of “right-to-die” zealots framed in a terribly unwelcome altered state and you get a sense of their world.

How will it all end?

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