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Vote Emidio Soltysik for President of the United States

Who? Yeah, y’know Emidio Smolshmick or however you say his name… “Mimi”

I’m not actually endorsing Mimi, but did you know that there are 22 candidates running for President of the United States? And that doesn’t include the write-in option. Twenty-two. And there are those of you out there that say you are not going to vote for anybody. Actually, about 40% of you are not going to vote for anybody. Anybody at all. That’s about the usual percentage of people that don’t vote at all in an election.

I know; I used to hate politics too. But now Kim and I watch MSNBC every morning and again when we get home from work. I don’t always agree; I had some harsh words for Joe Scarborough this morning when he arm-chair quarterbacked our policy in Syria. Yeah; I yelled at a talkinghead on a TV screen…

We live in a world where information is available at the flip of a switch. Not all of it is accurate. Or true. Frankly, it has gotten to a point where I don’t trust mainstream media. Unfortunately, the deeper down I drill, the more polarized and unbelievable some of the information becomes.

Is the media “rigged?” I sure thought it was when Bernie wasn’t getting a fair shake. Now that Donald is getting vilified, I don’t care as much (How’s that for selective criticism?)

But whether our information is true or not, the world keeps spinning out there and we are a part of it and we get affected by decisions made by the leaders. This is an important election for the direction of this country. Not just the presidential election, but for much of the rest of the government. It’s easy to feel disenfranchised under the current system. Those in charge (and I mean those REALLY in charge) have taken too much; they got greedy and instead of Middle America being fairly satisfied with their lot in life, they are angry. There are those in Congress that often do nothing or when they do something, it is to further their own agenda, not to represent the interests of those they are supposed to represent. They are on the ballot too. Let’s let them know how we are feeling about that.

We can choose to do nothing about it because “my one vote won’t make a difference.” And then another person does that and another and the next thing you know, 40 % of us haven’t voted. But a lot of that 40% won’t be quiet about it. They’ll piss and moan to whoever will listen.

Well, I say if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.

Then there are those that say a vote for Emidio or for Lawrence Kotlikoff is a wasted vote. That may be true, but at least it’s a vote and under MY rules, if you vote for them, you get to bitch!

I won’t be voting for Emidio. But I will be voting. And you should too, so our voices will be heard.

Let’s show the rest of the world who America really is.

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