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What I hear is that people are saying this is the best site for unsubstantiated misinformation

Wkiwiki 10/27/16

Excerpts from a DJT diary from a fairly close source

Less than a couple of weeks to go. I don’t know what the big deal has been about that stupid Access Hollywood piece; everyone talks like that Besides, it’s true. Those women are just looking for publicity. If the rest of them come out, it’ll show just how much of a pu**yhound I am! It doesn’t matter; there’s plenty more where that came from.

My troops are so stupid; they will just believe anything I say. They’re like sheep, really. Sad.

I wish I had a dime for every time my name has been mentioned for the last 18 months. I’d have so much money I might even be willing to pay taxes on it. Nah. just kidding!

People are comparing this election to the rise of Nazi Germany. Hitler had a nice run, but eventually he lost. That’s right. Loser.

Mr. President; I like the sound of that. Sir has been good. And Mr. Trump. But Mr. President. I can get used to that.

Some of these would make good tweets. I’ll just hold on to them for when there’s a slow news day.

I can’t wait to get into the white House. They think Bill had a wild time. They haven’t seen anything yet. I’ll be President of the United States. I’ll be able to do anything I want. I could set up a jungle room in the basement. It’s gonna be great. Huge.

Get out and vote, people.


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